"Gray Rainbow Journey presents yet another facet of the Native American in his many struggles. A fascinating story by a new voice in Indian America."

Principal Chief William "Rattlesnake" Jackson,
American Cherokee Confederacy

"Native American Christians have long known what a struggle it is to live in two worlds…the characters in Gray Rainbow Journey speak for so many of us."

Betty Mae Jumper
Tribal Elder, Doctor of Humane Letters and auhor of Legends of the Seminoles, Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc.

"An enlightening peek…portrays reservation life clearly and compellingly…gives a window into the challenge of making spiritual choices…"

Craig Stephen Smith (Ojibwe)
Native Evangelist and author of White Man's Gospel.

"…a heart-thumping face-off between good and evil that will keep you in suspense until the very last page!"

Dana K Cassell, Writers-Editors Network.

"…an exciting coming-of-age novel…I can definitely relate to this book's characters…I can't wait for the second book…"

Carla McKay
Indian Life Newspaper
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"…The characters in the novel are so vivid I felt I actually knew them…intriguing and informative. Great for readers who love truth and anticipation in a story. It was an excellent read and a real page turner! More adventures please!"

R C Bridgestock

"… a jewel…K.B. Schaller wrote a story which the reader must struggle to put down…strong characters. Who could possibly forget Dina Youngblood's torn feelings for Marty or for Aaron? And what about God? …The language is rich and full...the reader can feel that he or she is out in the Everglades. At the same time, much of the conflict that Dina Youngblood feels is universal. Although written to introduce the reader to the Christian Indian experience, it also can be between any groups of young people in today's diverse society.

I recommend this book to any young person and any adult involved with young people. The story is exciting, very well-written and I am looking forward to reading the sequel. "

Harriet W. Berg

"Gray Rainbow Journey tells the remarkable story of a young woman caught between two cultures. She is torn between her Indian boyfriend and his Native religion and a Christian minister who also loves her. Besides offering an insider's view of the Native American world, the story would appeal to nearly any woman as it explores why we are drawn to men we know--or should know--are not good for us. Though billed as a young adult novel, this one definitely makes a great adult read as well." "

Donna S. Meredith
Tallahassee, FL

"A riveting story, well written in every way. Dina, the young girl who narrates the story is a well-developed character who becomes alive off the page. Her life is a tug-of-war between Marty, the handsome Indian stepson of the local and very powerful witch, and her Uncle Donnie who, though not Christian, knows the dangers of becoming involved with Marty. I lived with Dina as she rode a see-saw of emotions. I was figuratively on the edge of my seat most of the time. I recommend Gray Rainbow Journey for young people who are contemplating or already involved in relationships that could lead to bondage and great pain...The decisions that we make in life not only affect our own lives but those around us as well. Thanks, KB for writing Gray Rainbow Journey."

Diane Stephenson
London Ontario Canada

OakTara was founded in 2006 by two veterans of the Christian publishing world, Jeff Nesbit and Ramona Tucker, to promote and encourage fiction by both new and established authors. They publish only inspirational fiction (for adults, teens, and children) including allegory, biblical, contemporary, fantasy, futuristic, historical, mystery/suspense, romance, and science fiction.

Gray Rainbow Journey

Cheha Youngblood disappeared without a trace from the Bitterroot Confederacy three months ago, and her older daughter, Dina, is determined to find out why.

What do the clues in her mother's journal mean? Who is the giant-winged creature that so terrified her mother, a Native Christian convert? Could any of the tales that are as old as the Indian nations and told in the blackness of deep nights in the South Florida Everglades be true? And why are owls beginning to perch outside of Dina's home?

Then handsome Marty Osceola, the son of the most powerful witch on the Florida East Coast, the boy Dina had a crush on in grade school, arrives back in town...

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Bonus Edition
USA Book News feature

Be sure to get the sequel to Gray Rainbow Journey....
Journey By the Sackcloth Moon

WINNER, National Best Books 2009 Awards Sponsored by USA Book News
Multicultural Fiction
Awards and Recognitions

The Author and Her Work

Author displays 2011 FAPA Gold Medal for debut Novel, Gray Rainbow Journey

Author's late kitty, Chief, was prototype for Gray Rainbow Journey's "Eddie Was."

Before the 2014 FAPA Win, a Finalist

FAPA President Mark Wayne Adams awards 2014 gold medal, biography category to author K.B. Schaller

K.B. Schaller’s Journey by the Sackcloth Moon further dramatizes Native American beauty Dina Youngblood’s monumental clashes between opposing worlds. Her novel, Gray Rainbow Journey was a USA Book News National Best Books Award winner for Multicultural Fiction and a Florida Publishers Association President's Awards Gold Medal Winner for YA fiction.

Journey by the Sackcloth Moon continues to challenge many popular perceptions of Native Americans as it further defines the angst-ridden, many-faceted characters in their struggles as they “walk in two worlds.”

A former teacher in a reservation academy and in public school, Schaller is also a conference speaker and an independent journalist who writes and blogs on largely Native issues. She is a published poet, a painter whose works have won Best in Show.

With her husband, Jim, they have a blended family of four children. Along with her mother, Lilly, and the family’s two cats, they reside in South Florida. "Chief," a rescued stray from the Seminole Reservation, is the prototype for Gray Rainbow Journey's feline character, “Eddie Was”.

Books by K.B. Schaller

Gray Rainbow Journey (novel)
Gray Rainbow Journey - Teacher Edition
Journey by the Sackcloth Moon
100 plus native american woman who changed the world

To schedule author appearances and book signings, please contact; or call (630) 464-3909.


Book Contest

As part of being a recent guest on the blog Everyone's Story, I held a contest in which, based on the synopsis of my award-winning novel, Gray Rainbow Journey, readers could win the book if they stated why they would like a copy. The winner was chosen by the host, Elaine Stock.

And the winner is....Diane Stephenson of London Ontario Canada! Here is an excerpt from Diane's winning comment:

Gray Rainbow Journey sounds like a fascinating book. Growing up near a residential school and reservation, I was aware at a young age of the plight of Native people and it saddened me...People need to learn the history of Native Americans (and Canadians) to dispel the prejudice and open the door to true Christian witness to these beautiful people. I would love to read KB Schaller's book because it brings both worlds together.

Congratulations, Diane, and enjoy your copy of Gray Rainbow Journey!


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