Winner, 2014 International Book Award, Women's Issues Category
Gold Medal Winner, Florida Authors and Publishers Association 2014 President's Best Book Awards, Biography Category


"100+ Native American Women Who Changed the World is a wonderful exploration of female Native American is clear that Ms. Schaller is dedicated to producing a well-researched and comprehensive representation of our Indigenous mothers, sisters, daughters and friends... "

LaDonna Harris (Comanche),
President and Founder of Americans for Indian Opportunity (

"these stories do not just encourage Native American women, but they are stories which have the power to resonate within men and women globally for their humanity, their courage, their hope."

Carole Di Tosti, Ph.D

"Because their accomplishments and contributions are not frequently portrayed by the media, 100+ Native American Women Who Changed the World serves as an inspiration not only to Native Americans, but to all who value freedom, justice and equality, regardless of ethnicity, race, or gender."

Alejandro De La Garza

"100+ Native American Women Who Changed the World gives a fascinating glimpse at this continent's women of aboriginal heritage..."

Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D.,

"These 100+ Native American women very well represent a proud and powerful nation."

Tom Blubaugh,
Author, Night of the Cossack

"Every young Native American Indian woman should have a copy of this book, and every library several copies on their shelves. "

William "Rattlesnake" Jackson,
Principal Chief, American Cherokee Confederacy

"100+ Native American Women Who Changed the World helps women to realize and celebrate their own strengths, identities and diversities. " "

Diane Glancy (Cherokee), playwright,
poet, movie director

"These excellent stories about Native American women and their contributions not only to Native Americans, but to the whole of American society are both timely and fascinating."

John M. "Doc" Briley, Jr., MD,
Children's Author and avid student of American history

"I can't help thinking how much I would've loved to have had books like Schaller's 100+ Native American Women Who Changed The World when I was young and learning about my Native heritage."

Sharon Irla (Cherokee),

100+ Native American Women Who Changed the World



The Author and Her Work

Author displays 2011 FAPA Gold Medal for debut Novel, Gray Rainbow Journey

Author's late kitty, Chief, was prototype for Gray Rainbow Journey's "Eddie Was."

Before the 2014 FAPA Win, a Finalist

FAPA President Mark Wayne Adams awards 2014 gold medal, biography category to author K.B. Schaller

When author KB Schaller (Cherokee/Seminole heritage) published her latest title, 100+ Native American Women Who Changed the World, the former classroom teacher who has taught on the Florida Seminole Indian Reservation and in public schools achieved a long-held dream of researching, editing and publishing a biographical collection that honors Native American women.

"Even though Sacajawea and Pocahontas hold rightful places in history, 100+ Native American Women spotlights a much broader group that has gone largely unrecognized by most of society," Schaller states.

The aim of 100+ Native American Women Who Changed the World, her first nonfiction title on Native American Indians, is to help to fill that void.

Nominated from across Indian country, the women, historical and contemporary, hail from all walks of life and have contributed to the survival and success of their homes, communities---and the United States.

Seminole Tribe of Florida leader Dr. Betty Mae Tiger Jumper (1922-2011), the first--and to date the only--female chairperson of the tribe, figures prominently among those included in the collection.

Mary Golda Ross (Cherokee), was an aerospace pioneer. Elouise Cobell (Blackfeet), established the first national bank owned by a Native American tribe, while Dahteste (Apache) fought with Geronimo and was mediator between the United States military and the Apache.

LaDonna Harris (Comanche) received appointments during five United States presidential administrations.

"My greatest regret is that no one volume can contain all who deserve to be included in such a work," Schaller further states.

KB Schaller is a member of the Native American Journalists Association (NAJA), and is a columnist and illustrator for Indian Life newspaper. She also comments on book reviews for East County Magazine, San Diego.

She developed her love for writing while in grade school, and sold her first one-page illustrated short stories to her classmates for ten cents a copy. Years later, she would write the National Best Books Award-winning novel, Gray Rainbow Journey. It was also awarded a Gold Medal by the Florida Publishers Association. The Young Adult Fiction novel is also available in a Teachers Edition. Schaller is also author of the sequel, Journey by the Sackcloth Moon. A third in the series, Journey Through the Night's Door, awaits publication.

Books by K.B. Schaller

Gray Rainbow Journey (novel)
Gray Rainbow Journey - Teacher Edition
Journey by the Sackcloth Moon
100+ Native American Woman Who Changed the World

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